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How to use OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio) to stream live

I will be explaining here step by step how to get OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio) software, which is total free and how to configure the software to make it go live on facebook, youtube or other websites. These steps are very simple and will not go into detail about the complexity of this software which can be used to manage full broadcasting studio but we will only show you what you need to go to live.

1. Get OBS Studio

Go to and download the software. Make sure you download the studio version and not the classic one. You can choose which platform you want to use, either windows or Mac.

2. Configure the software

Open the software and click “Settings”, and navigate to “Streaming” on the left. You will see options and one of them says ‘Service’, choose “Facebook Live”, the software will ask you a “Stream Key”. You can get this key by going to your page or profile and clicking “Live Video” or “Start Live Video” to launch the window for live video. You will see that facebook will try to load your computer camera and there is another option which says “External Device”, click that and copy the “Stream key” and paste it on the software. KEEP THE LIVE FACEBOOK WINDOW OPEN.


3. Click “Start Streaming”

After adding the stream key, click “Start Streaming” to tell facebook to begin the live feed.


4.  Name your stream

Give your stream a name or a description and click “GO LIVE”